The Raven starts filming

Hello all! I hope each and every one of you had a good lunch today. Big day, Monday. I hope you had a hearty sandwich.How I wanted to title this post something like "The Raven takes flight" or "The Raven gets its wings". I had enough self control not to use these, you see, but once I get hold of lip-smacking, cheesy ideas I really can't stop or rid myself of the cheese. Someone get me a wet paper towel.So this is news to me: The Raven, undoubtedly Edgar Allan Poe's most famous poem (and made more famous by The Simpson's stellar Halloween Special version), is being made into a movie starring John Cusack as Poe. Poet + Thriller = ?!Who knows?! I'm kind of excited (read: oooooo). John Cusack of the Lovely Voice playing a decidedly interesting (creepy? married a child--his first cousin?) individual!It's all fiction, of course. They're not even trying to tell anything near what happened in the writer's actual life. But who wouldn't want to watch Edgar Allan Poe running around town trying to catch a murderer? That's the kind of Hollywood stylization I can get behind.