All Will Be Quiet On My Midwestern Front

Hello all, hope this deep freeze has not kept your pens and keyboards at rest.  If you're caught in some winter doldrums, just keep in mind: THERE ARE ONLY 6 DAYS TIL THE END OF THE SEMESTER, HELL TO THE YESSS (See I gave it a few extra letters cause I'm just so excited).  Unfortunately, since I will soon be returning to the cultural wastelands, also known as the suburbs, I will not be able to post weekly until we start up again.  However, I do plan to make some decent headway on my insanely long reading list...are y'all in a similar situation?  Leave comments with some good recommendations!I did want to clue you guys in about a great source if you're in the area and looking for events over break.  The listings in the Books section of TimeOut NYC are quite useful.  Also, allow me to shamelessly plug the NYU Bookstore as a good venue for events next semester.  Once the rush period at the beginning of the semester is over, the calendar of events will fill up with a pretty wide variety.  It's definitely worth checking out.HAVE A FANTASTIC BREAK WEST TENTHERS!