Roam If You Want To

Hello peeps and a very welcome hello to spring break....A bit of bad news first before the festivities:  I wasn't able to attend tonight's reading at the New School with both Jonathan Franzen and Jhumpa Lahiri (tickets are now sold out anyway '_' )  If you are one of the lucky ones please feel free to comment with your reaction!  The decision to group those two together is worthy of commentary in itself.  Perhaps their use of multi-generational families and strong characters  bridges the gap between them--Franzen typically explores Midwestern dysfunction and Lahiri, the process of immigration and acclimation. I'm sure that their discussion on what unites them would be pretty fascinating to witness.At any rate I suppose the best I can do now is guess (le sigh).  But forgive me, THAT"S NOT THE SPRING BREAK SPIRIT.So peeps,  I highly encourage you to write about your travel, or lack of travel, experiences this week.  Approach it with a journalistic eye a la A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again or even the more lighthearted  Eat, Pray, Love. Better yet, allow your experiences to inspire your creative side.  Blur the boundaries between travel journal and fictional story like Kerouac did with On the Road, in a tradition, I would argue, that reaches as far back as Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.Until next time then, enjoy your various pilgrimages...and if you see that Wife of Bath along the way tell her to simma down for goodness sake...simply not classy.