Workshop with us!

The editors of West 10th invite you to a poetry workshop on Tuesday, November 13th at 7pm in Bobst LL2-07. Please bring one poem of up to 3 pages or a prose poem of under 500 words for the group to read and discuss. You may also bring brief excerpts of fiction.This is West 10th's first time hosting a community-wide workshop, a great opportunity for NYU undergrads to polish up on a piece of their writing. Also, a chance for us editors to get to know you!Refreshments will be served. We look forward to reading your work! For more information please visit the facebook event page. RSVPs are appreciated.Additionally, we would like to announce that the submission deadline for West 10th has been pushed back to Sunday, December 16th. In light of the recent hurricane and subsequent rushed academic schedules, we want to give you some extra time to work on submissions. Please check out submissions page for guidelines before submitting.