Cigarette : 10, by Shannagh

Cigarette : 10(1) Finely chopped, toasted leaves.(2) Tight packed, thin rolledMiniature kindle, ignites on contact, brings that(3) Slow alveoli burn.(4) A chemical kicker, send tingles to your fingertips(5) Composure with a touch – a deep inhale afterBad news or rough sex. (6) Categorize:Social / Solo / Habit / Trend -(7) “I just buy them on the weekends” and “Not in front of the kids”(8) Hand-held gas pump, tubular tar transmitterNestled in the hollows of four chambers,Two pulsating balloons and millions of blue-red threads.(9) Boxes 20 compulsive habits.(10) Pockets (14 types of) cancer.