Search History #2: on the day I was born

In our newest column, our Copy Editor Carliann Rittman writes blog posts based on her Internet search history. It features everything from Wikipedia to The New York Times, from WebMD to Billboard’s Year-End Hot 100 Singles From The Year Simone de Beauvoir Died (a Google search she is still proud of). Ray Bradbury once said of his inspirations: “A conglomerate heap of trash, that’s what I am. But it burns with a high flame.” Welcome to Search History.NYT Logo

on the day I was born

  after months of speculationdissolve Decaying Trees.I have been noticing half-moon-shaped, purplish-brown mushrooms with white edges, growing on the side of a tree in my yard.hard and shiny on top but dull underneath.Why are these mushrooms growing there? A whole lot of nothing or a state of grace?prospects for heartA cool breeze wafts off the page: walls, white; doors, white; windows, bare; floors, stone or plank; furniture on which no pillow has ever been fluffed. A new study has shown that lung development is impaired in teen-agerswho smoke as few as five cigarettes a day.if anyone thinks that Bad news has given up, Once again, the Republicans have lured television networks into broadcasting nationally for a pittance.A New York system bore significant blame for the widespread problems.Diana, the Princess of Wales, flew in from London.The fashion industry flew down from Manhattan.dropped off for an hour to stop and shop.rarely so young, they need only consider what happened in a fiery meeting this morning … they could fill vacancies.