Resolutions Re:Solutions

Happy new years and hallo from the Netherlands! I've blogged halfway around the world to bring you 37 literary resolutions from the LA Times. I don't think I have ever followed through on a New Years resolution for more than a week, but it's 2011, which means we're one year closer to 2012, so we had all better start boosting our karma now. The LA Times literary blog has provided us with a collection of authors' resolutions, just in case you're lazy, unmotivated or simply lack a dexterous prefrontal cortex.As for myself? I plan to write more believable fiction from the female perspective, as most of my female characters to date sound either as vapid as Snooki or as grungily post-oppy as J. Edgar Hoover.  Also, I'd like to write more by hand to see if it affects my voice and style. Comment if you have a literary resolution, and enjoy the rest of the break.